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      Fire Fighting Equipment And Fire Safety Devices Supplier

      Reliable Supplier Of Fire Fighting Equipment And Fire Safety Devices

      Fire is a powerful force and it is hard to contain at times but we do all that we can to provide our customers with the firefighting tools to effectively deal with flames both large and small. Shang Hai Iron Man Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd committed to provide the most comprehensive and reliable fire fighting equipment and services to protect lives and properties. Full range of fire fighting products are manufactured to international standards. Quality is always important when it comes to manufacturing but we work extra hard to produce only the best possible equipment in order to keep people safe. Details

      • Commercial buildings

        Commercial buildings are usually located in the city downtown district, of where has a dense crowd, a large variety of commodity, many combustible materials, and poor natural ventilation exhaust fume conditions.

      • Petroleum and petrochemicals

        The raw material and products of petroleum and petrochemicals industry are mainly flammable and explosive, and the complicated production technology and various production equipment easily give rise to explosion.

      • Power plant

        As the develop of power network, the automation of electric system is constantly improving, in order to ensure the safety supplying of power energy, the hierarchy of needs for fire fight system is higher and higher.

      • Communication room, data center

        Communication room, data center is developing with the informationize and the popularity of information system, and the workplace is usually colorless, odorless, non-electrical conductive, and equipped with electrified objects.

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